What's Your Type: A Guide to Management Styles
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Download the free ebook

A 2020 study on humanity at work found that “21% of workers are actively looking for a new job. Of those with one foot out the door… 73% have experienced burnout, and 42% don’t trust HR.”

Knowing (or changing) your management style can help you improve how you manage your team and help you retain skilled employees. 

Download this free ebook to learn which management styles are the most common, how to identify your management style, and which style(s) you should adopt to help your team be more engaged and productive. 

  • Learn why no management style is inherently good or bad, and the ways that you can identify (and adapt) your current management style.
  • Find out what sets a great manager apart from a good manager, and how you can encourage more engagement and productivity on your team. 
  • Gain insight into how to be more adaptable as a manager, including what to ask your employees and how to respond to employee feedback.