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How to survive the tsunami of change in group health insurance 

Learn how to prepare for big changes that will impact your group benefits plan

A tsunami of change is coming to employee group benefits. Are you ready?

Unprecedented changes are now taking place that will impact your ability to provide group health benefits to your employees. As the workplace population is evolving, big changes in claiming patterns are following suit—and the benefits industry is reacting.

Join our Senior VP Group Benefits, Gerry Thiessen, for a revealing discussion on the monumental changes that threaten the very existence of group benefits in Canada and what you need to know to thrive in this new environment.

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Gerry Thiessen
SVP, Group Benefits Strategy

Gerry offers a wealth of expertise from his 30 year career in the benefits industry. Most recently, Gerry led Sun Life Financial’s BC group sales office where he advised clients on maximizing value and building sustainable benefits strategies.

What you will learn by attending this webinar

How changes in demographics and rapid advances in medicine are sending shockwaves through the benefits industry and impacting the viability of group benefits.

Why today’s benefits plan sponsors need to address the needs of each generation of employees now more than ever—and what will happen if you don’t.

Practical ways to ensure your benefits plan remains sustainable over the next 5 years and the choices you’ll need to make in order to succeed.

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