The Year-End Guide for Canadian Payroll Pros
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The Year-End Guide to Canadian Payroll Pros

Download the Free Ebook

The last day in February is your last day to file your T4 information return—or risk paying late penalties.

Download our straightforward guide on year-end payroll processes to learn how to issue T4s (or T4As) to your employees, and how to find and fix common mistakes that are often flagged by the Canada Revenue Agency. 

  • Learn how to determine if you must issue a T4 or a T4A to an employee or contractor, and the common use cases for both types of employment slips.

  • Gain insight into how to determine what counts as taxable income, and what formulas to use to calculate insurable earning and pensionable earnings.

  • Brush up on your knowledge of the CRA’s PIER, and why running your own PIER is the best thing you can do before submitting your T4 information to the CRA.